George&Janett’s organic blueberry farm

We are George and Janett and are the proud owners of Bedport Farm in Burrington,North Devon.

We came to the UK 13 years ago from Turkey, with the ambition of renting land to grow organic vegetables. After working and living on a farm in Wales for 6 months, we rented some land in Somerset and grew vegetables for 3 years. During this time, we started producing eggs in mobile chicken houses which used the energy generated from a solar panel and a wind turbine to maintain the feeding system and the lights.

Bedport farm in Burrington, North Devon became available in 2004 and we grabbed the opportunity and moved down to Devon. In 2007 we planted blueberry bushes and were very excited by our first small harvest in 2009. In 2008 we also tried growing Siberian kiwi berries, but with limited success due to Devon’s perennially windy climate. We didn’t give up on this idea however and after further experiments we planted kiwi berries on organic farms in Gloucestershire and the Netherlands. During our time in Devon we have been living in a caravan but have still managed to make room for our lovely son Felix who was born in 2007.